the pastor as celebrity

Every pastor knows the danger to one’s soul that comes with a life lived in front of people – the desire to be admired, the temptation to polish one’s image and hide one’s faults, the temptation to build one’s value on how many are in one’s scope of influence, etc.

These temptations only multiply if a pastor gets a taste (even a small taste) of local, regional, or national attention.  Bob Hyatt at Out of Ur writes a brilliant post on the dangers of pastor as celebrity.  Check out his warning signs that a pastor might be headed the wrong direction on this:

Some signs you might be in danger:

You look at the speaker roster for a conference and think, Why did he/she get an invite and not me?

You feel jealous of others because of the size or scope of their ministry.

You begin to dream that somehow “hitting it big” (or even hitting it medium) will free you from ministry, or you begin to resent the small, mundane and unnoticed tasks of local church ministry.

You regularly Google yourself (please, no jokes in the comments.)

Your face appears on the front page of your church’s website.

You become a “friend collector” who racks up the Facebook/Twitter followers with the idea that someday, you’ll be able to leverage that when you write that book you’ve been talking about writing forever.

You find yourself thinking more and more about how you can get your name “out there.”

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